Incarnational Teams

Our inter-agency team of senior mentors has 89 years of combined experience in cross cultural community ministry

knowledge, character, skill all in one program
knowledge, character, skill all in one program
knowledge character skill

What do we mean by these? Click and find out.

how this training happens

immersion living

practicing skills by living among an immigrant population

personal development plan

map of the skills and growth areas the apprentice needs to be effective

senior mentor

each apprentice will have a senior mentor who will evaluate, encourage, and track his or her progress

community life

each apprentice will learn and serve as part of an apostolic team

personal journal

to record what is being learned and what struggles are being encountered. The mentor will review the journal regularly

group training

monthly gathering to cover foundational aspects of the apostolic task

The Guild works personally with apprentices to develop a unique situation for each apprentice. Apprentices spend eight to twelve months living in an ethnic community of Los Angeles. They are responsible for their living expenses during this time, and we anticipate that for most this will mean working in the community. Apprentices can also expect to invest at least twenty hours a week into training and ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

To apply, you must be a high school graduate who is at least 18 years of age. We’re looking for people with some past ministry experience and who are interested in joining a team that is working at developing the skills to cultivate a community of Christ followers.

I don't currently live in an ethnic community in Los Angeles. Would I have to move?

Yes. The program requires integration into an ethnic neighborhood. This will most likely involve language learning.

What kinds of things will I be learning?

The Guild focuses on the overlapping areas of knowledge, character, and skill. Knowledge are the essential things that you must know for cross cultural ministry, such as understanding the nature of culture and one’s own culture and the process of planting fellowships of Jesus followers. Character is building the practices of spiritual disciplines, feeding on the Word, meaningful patterns of prayer, recognizing and using spiritual gifts, and dealing with one’s own sin and the failing of others. And finally, learning practical skills such as language acquisitions, biblical story telling, strategies for living cross culturally, and discipling new believers and training leaders.

What is the level of commitment each week?

Team members are expected to spend 20-40 hours working, volunteering, or going to school. Additionally, team members should be ready to commit at least 20 hours a week to Guild activities of training and ministry. This includes face time with community members, time with mentors, language learning, team activities, personal devotions, etc.

How long is the commitment?

Team members should expect to commit at least two years.

How is this funded?

You are responsible for you living expenses during this time. We strongly encourage you to work in or near the community. However, you may find that you may need to raise some supplemental financial support.

How does the Guild relate to other organizations and agencies?

No organizational, church, or agency affiliation is required, but Guild members (individually or as a team) can be affiliated with different church or mission organizations. The Guild is not a sending agency, but team members can be received from different organizations for training with the network.

What are you looking for in an apprentice candidate?

  • A person of biblical character: love for the lost, humility, teachability, integrity, sexual morality, and a servant heart
  • An active and independent learner: willingness to experiment, innovative
  • A person of financial responsibility: hard working, having a responsible plan to pay off any debt
  • A person with a heart to see Jesus-centered communities in context: seeking the formation of communities of Christ followers that remain within their own natural relational networks

How do I apply or get more information?

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find an application request and contact information.


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